Friday photos from the 2018 Florida Bluegrass Classic

Williamson Branch at the 2018 Florida Bluegrass Classic – photo © Bill Warren

Friday at The Florida Bluegrass Classic opened with several instrument workshops including a Martin guitar workshop with Martin expert, Bill Anderson.

Penny Creek opened the stage show. They are a Florida band that is becoming more and more in demand. Williamson Branch opened the first of a 2 day run at the Classic. This family band brings high energy, great personality, and a particularly good musical show. The evening set found promoter Ernie Evans seated between the youngest and oldest Williamson girls as they “discussed” that neither was “Woman Enough to Take My Man.”

 Kenny Stinson and Perfect Tym’n returned to do a second day as a fill in for Billy Droze. They put on two sets of music at the Classic and one at another nearby venue. Many thanks guys!

Nothin’ Fancy closed out the Friday show with a special guest. Classic country singer David Church joined them for a couple of songs. Nothin’ Fancy continues to be one of the most beloved bands on the circuit.