Friday morning at IBMA

Well, the Awards Show has come and gone. We had a great time live blogging the event. We did have a few problems with the server last night and some people may have experienced difficulty accessing the site for a time. It seems we had so many people on the site at once that we temporarily overwhelmed the server. We’ll be looking into upgrading our server capabilities as soon as we can.

We are working on getting some photos up from last night. We have a LOT of photos and we are trying to choose the ones that best represent the spirit of the event. Dan Loftin and Tami Roth both worked hard last night, as they have all week, to capture essence of the Awards Show in photos, and they did a wonderful job.

We will also be publishing an analysis of the winners, with some thoughts and opinion, as well as a comparison of last night’s awards to the winners of Bluegrass Today Awards Poll.

The exhibit area opens in about 2 hours, and we’ll be heading down to record some reactions from the fans and performers alike.

Stand by…