Friday at Jekyll Island 2018

Friday had a special star at the Jekyll Island show. Norman and Judy Adams are very loyal to the bands that have played their shows. Two years ago Donny Catron of the Tennessee Gentlemen played Jekyll in what turned out to be his last show before his passing. The Friday show opened with a performance by the Tennessee Gentlemen Legacy band. This group was formed by Donny’s daughter, Jennifer, and Donny’s brother, Doyle. Jennifer presented great renditions of her father’s songs. Doyle played and sang beside his brother for many years. He said: “Getting up on that stage was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I couldn’t have done it without Jennifer.” Rest easy Donny. We miss you.

Florida band, Penny Creek followed. They are a mainstay of the southern bluegrass music scene and always give a good show.

The Primitive Quartet gave us a full measure of bluegrass Gospel music. They are celebrating 44 years as a group. The band has a wide and deep repertoire.

Feller & Hill journeyed to Jekyll from frigid Indiana to entertain. They provide a mix of bluegrass, gospel, and classic country along with a good dose of The Boys from Indiana music. Band member Tony Holt is the son of the legendary Aubrey Holt. Tom Feller is his nephew.

What can a person say about Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver that has not been said many times. Great musicians, great singers, unmatched harmonies, and the list goes on. DLQ is a must-see for every bluegrass music fan.

The Gibson Brothers closed out the Friday show. They are the premier brother duo in bluegrass music today. Leigh’s “little brother” banter has had people ask Eric why Leigh is so mean to him. Little brothers aren’t mean. They are just getting even!!!

  • Great to see No Time Flatt coming on as a strong presence in bluegrass. Their song selection borrows from traditional, current, other genres, and their own creativity. “Dollarhide,” composed by band member Patrick Cupples, is just one of their original tunes from their fine “No Time Flatt” CD.

    Thanks to Bill Warren for honoring the memory of Donny Catron of the Tennessee Gentlemen. There was just nobody quite like Donny. Nobody! My many years of working and writing for them were pure pleasure. Donny and his best friend and band mate, mandolin player, Troy Castleberry (d. 2000), were a team like no other. I wish the Tennessee Gentlemen Legacy band the very best as they continue the tradition of quality bluegrass laid down by the Tennessee Gentlemen all those years ago. Pick away! 🎻