Friday at FL Bluegrass Classic

Friday at the 2017 Florida Bluegrass Classic opened with Martin guitar expert, Bill Anderson, doing a session on all aspects of guitar building, maintenance, and repair. He always draws a large crowd of interested spectators.

The stage show started with radio personality, Greg Bird, crooning some classic country tunes, followed by The Gary Waldrep Band. Gary has a way of drawing the audience into his show, and always leaves them wanting more. Waldrep will return for sets on Saturday.

Remington Ryde completed their second day at the Classic with a combination of music and humor. Marty Raybon closed the day with his second set of music that ran nearly an hour and a half. Marty owns his audience from the time he steps on the stage until he steps off. The excitement seems to build as his show progresses. Then he hits the crowd with his rendition of Beulah Land and draws everyone into his circle. Billy Droze joined Marty for a couple songs in the afternoon set.

Saturday brings Gary Waldrep back along with Swinging Bridge, Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road, and the great Eddie Raven. The Classic will also host a car show on Saturday.

Next year’s Classic runs from February 20 through the 25.