Frank Solivan II Millennium Stage performance

Frank Solivan II on the Kennedy Center's Millennium StageRecently we told you about a show our friend Frank Solivan II did at the Kennedy Center. That performance is now available for viewing online at the center’s website. The show is up in it’s entirety. It looks like it’s provided in a flash format so it should be no problem viewing regardless of platform or browser.

Click here to watch the show.

One of my favorite moments is the band’s rendition of Dimond Rio’s 1994 classic Bubba Hyde. It comes about 17 minutes in to the show. It’s swinging and very cool!

The band is comprised of Frank on mandolin/fiddle, Mike Munsford on banjo, John Miller on guitar, and Chris Walls on bass. All the guys contribute to the singing, with Frank and John handling the bulk of the lead.

Frank is best known for his role in the Navy Band, Country Current, but this is a great opportunity to hear him performing his own material from both his solo projects. You can find, and purchase, both of those on Frank’s website or through the iTunes music store.