Frank Solivan II & John Miller

Frank Solivan II & John Miller - concerts and workshopOur friend Frank Solivan II has written in to let us know about a guitar workshop he is conducting with long time bluegrass singer/guitarist, John Miller. This two hour workshop with these two accomplished guitar players will take place next Saturday, February 10, 2007, from 12-2 PM. The workshop will be held at 3320 Grass Hill Terrace (Lake Barcroft) in Falls Church, VA.

The workshop is oriented toward beginning-intermediate level players, and is intended to be an in-depth study of rhythm fundamentals, chord theory, scales, arpeggios, and fingering patterns. Many styles of playing will be touched on including bluegrass, fiddle tunes, country classics, swing, jazz, and blues.

Students will use these tools to learn, play and retain songs faster, improve tone and enhance the tunes they already know. All will walk away with not only a better knowledge and respect for the guitar, but will have a handout/syllabus to study.

Cost of attendance is $45 per student. For more info and reservations visit

In addition to the workshop, Frank and John will be performing with Mike Munford (banjo) and Chris Walls (bass) at a couple of upcoming concerts.

One week from today, February 8, 2007, they will be performing on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. The concert starts at 6 PM and is free to the public.

Then on February 10, 2007 in the evening following the guitar workshop, they will be performing as part of a bluegrass concert series at the Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Herndon, VA. This show starts at 7:30 PM and the ticket price is $12. Reservations can be made by calling 703.437.1883 or 703.435.8377.

More information about all of these events can be found on Frank’s website.