FiddleStar Youth Fiddle Camp

FiddleStarWe just got a note from fiddler Megan B. Lynch, fiddler with 3 Fox Drive, announcing a summer camp she is conducting for young fiddle players.

The week of July 16-20, 2007 will see the first FiddleStar Youth Fiddle Camp. The camp will be held in Ridge Top, TN. Megan will be teaching fiddle tunes, but there will be much more than that at this camp.

Every day from 9AM – 3:30PM we will work on fiddle tunes, learn how to rehair bows and do basic fiddle repair, take hikes, learn to dance to fiddle music, and lots more. We’ll even get a chance to record in a real recording studio and the students will get a CD of their hard work!

Megan told me her goal with this camp is to create a new generation of bluegrass and traditional fiddlers. Assisting her with the camp will be Mike Anglin from the Lonesome River Band. Plans are in place to host several camps in 2008, adding an adult fiddle camp, and a full-on bluegrass camp.

The cost of attending the camp depends on your plans. They have different rates for daytime attendees and sleep-over attendees. Parents are welcome as well. Costs for students range from $250 – $425. Various meals are provided depending on the package purchased. All student fees include camp t-shirt and CD.

Visit for more information, or register by phone at 615-428-1681.