Feller & Hill introduce Gospel CD

I Firmly Promise You - Feller & HillTom Feller and Chris Hill have made quick work of establishing themselves as among the top vocal groups in bluegrass. In roughly three years together, with only a pair of albums, these two have demonstrated a firm command of the bluegrass singing style, in duets, trio and quartet arrangements.

Their third release, a Gospel project called I Firmly Promise You, isn’t due until March 24, but Tom and Chris have put together this introductory video to tease everyone in advance with audio samples and background information.


The first thing that hits you is the strength and quality of the vocal quartets. Tom Feller tells us that a lot of the credit goes to guest vocalist, Cody Jones.

“Cody Jones joins us again, on bass vocals, for this album. We’ve used Cody, since our beginning, on our Gospel songs. I can count on one hand the number of really great bass singers in bluegrass today, or that have ever been in bluegrass…and I think Cody may just fit into that hand. He’s very talented young man. Our plan is to have Cody join us live at the Southern Indoor Music Festival, Friday, March 27th, for our performance there. It’s close enough to home and should fit into his regular work schedule where he can make the show and perform some of the Gospel songs with us that he shines on.

Our original intent was to have him as a full-time part of our band, but until we gain a more steady touring schedule, we’ll continue to use him on our albums when we can, in hopes that we can add him full-time, down the road.”

Tom also mentioned that he and Chris will be visiting SPBGMA on Friday, so let them know how you liked the video if you see them strolling by.

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