EWOB 2009 application deadline

European World Of Bluegrass 2009We brought you news in September that European World of Bluegrass Festival was accepting band applications. The deadline for that application process is fast approaching.

Applications must be received by November 20th for consideration.

The festival is scheduled to take place May 21-23, 2009 in Voorthuizen, Netherlands. Organized by the European Bluegrass Music Association, promoters, agents, DJs, music press, fans and bands from across Europe will attend, making this an ideal showcase opportunity for any band looking to perform in Europe. American bands are welcome to apply, and take advantage of this opportunity.

European bands will compete in the European Bluegrass Band Awards. The voting takes place on site at the event. The showcasing musicians vote to award the best European band of the year, making this a truly peer award process. A separate set of Audience Popularity Awards are given in 5 categories, bringing the award total to 6. I’m told the festival attendees really enjoy participating in the process of award giving.

The #1 European Bluegrass Band is sent to IBMA the following October (the 2009 winner will come to IBMA in 2010). Since EWOB occurs in May, and IBMA in October, it seems odd that the winning band would have have to wait 17 months before making the trip to IBMA, but Liz Meyer explains.

The delay is necessary to allow time to process all visas etc. which can be slow in some countries, and also because FanFest is booked before EWOB takes place & we always hope our band will get a FanFest spot. I think this has only happened once in 11 years!!! IBMA tends to put the #1 EBB onstage at the Awards show, presenting an award, which is REALLY a pity. Hard to fathom having them do what they do least well, talk in English – though some have perfect English, it is a stretch for others. Makes far more sense to have them playing and showing what European bluegrass bands do, and what they do best!

2009 marks the 12th European World of Bluegrass Festival held in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands.

If your band is interested in applying, visit this page for more information concerning the application process and materials.