Episode #14 – Wichita Rutherford

The GrassCastHere it is, episode #14 of The GrassCast! This week I interview podcasting superstar Wichita Rutherford. Wichita is the guitarist with Van Heffer, whose new CD will be released on Feb 7th. The concept of this CD is delightfully bizarre. Van Heffer performs bluegrass versions of Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osborne songs, and their lead singer, Sherman Van Heffer, appears on stage as an Elvis impersonator. van hefferI went to visit Wichita and asked him about the CD. In all honesty, he did duck a couple of my questions, but this was by far the most interesting experience I’ve had recording an interview. Those of you who are familiar with Wichita’s hilarious podcast 5MinuteswithWichita.com will know what I’m talking about.

This GrassCast is 14 minutes in length and the file download size is 13MB.

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