Eliminating limitations that disable our abilities

This brief profile of Tyler Williams is a contribution from Gil Evans, a published writer focusing on inspirational leadership and development, and a bluegrass bassist and chef. 

Tyler Williams - photo by Bill WarrenRecently, I met an amazing man named Tyler Williams. Tyler is an up-and-coming entertainer in the music industry. While Tyler and his band had performances in Michigan, I invited them to stay at my home. I had the honor of listening to some of their phenomenal music during practices, and had some deep conversations about life with Tyler. I wanted to find out who this person was.

This man seems to have no limits. If you ask Tyler, he will tell you “people make limits,” and he has none. Here is a person that was born four months premature, blind, and with Cerebral Palsy, or CP for short. CP effects the nervous system which causes uncontrollable muscle spasms. Tyler has done so many things in his life, including driving his grandfather’s tractor on their farm as a young man. Before he could talk, he was trying to sing. By the age of two, he could sing any song that was playing on the radio. At the age of five, Tyler started playing the piano, perfecting his talent, and learned guitar at 17.

With the difficulties he endured, he never stopped his momentum of fulfilling his passion for music. Tyler attended ETSU in Johnston City, Tennessee, where he graduated with an honors degree in broadcasting and bluegrass.

Tyler told me of the new problems that arose two years ago because of his CP. He had to adapt and re-educate himself to play the guitar. Tyler now holds the guitar in his lap and uses fingerpicks. It is amazing. I believe we can all agree that here is a man that has been dealt some major blows in life. It didn’t faze him when he hit these obstacles. He dug deep and found a way to fight through them. Conquering them daily.


Tyler said “people come up to me after shows and feel so bad for me, they want to pray to heal me. There is nothing wrong with me. I have no disability.” Tyler is right. How could such a talented young man with such a positive outlook on life have any type of disability? We set limitations on ourselves, build our own disabilities. We can all learn from Tyler.

Situations happen and we need to fight through them. We can all overcome tough times. After talking with Tyler, I realized he has more sight than most will ever have, myself included. Remember, when you start disabling yourself with self-doubt, think of this man and what he has achieved. Tyler knows he has a gift and is taking every avenue to share it with the world. I look forward to see how Tyler Williams’s career grows. I am sure you will be hearing about this amazing individual in the years to come.

“If God gave you a talent, why don’t you use it?” Tyler Williams


Gil Evans has been in bluegrass since the age of seven. As a very young musician he had the honor of sharing the stage with Jim and Jessie and Lester Flatt. He left the music scene for 25 years to pursue my culinary passion and five years ago got back into bluegrass to continue his family tradition.