Driving under the influence – a cautionary tale

We received a note from our friend, Andrea Roberts, primary agent at the Andrea Roberts Agency, wife to Danny Roberts of The Grascals, and a very talented bluegrass performer in her own right. She tells a story of a close brush with death, and includes a plea we should all take to heart during this time of holiday parties – and throughout the year as well.

Andrea Roberts Durango after a rear-end collision from a drunk driverHere are a couple pictures of what is left of my Dodge Durango courtesy of a drunk driver that hit me on November 19 while I was in Indiana (visiting my brother who was in the hospital). The young man that caused this horrible accident was traveling in excess of 100 mph and ran into the back of me without braking! He went under my back bumper and caused my vehicle to flip end-over-end several times before barrel-rolling into the center median of the divided highway and eventually landing up-side-down. To say that I have been blessed by not being killed or seriously maimed is a great understatement!  However, now I have physical therapy for my neck and shoulders a couple times of week and will be doing so for quite some time. In addition, my right hand and wrist and my left arm are messed up plus I’m facing possible surgery on my left leg.

roberts.JPGI don’t say any of this for sympathy because I am so very thankful and grateful that God blessed me and allowed me to crawl out of that mangled Durango that night and then walk out of the hospital the next morning. Rather, I say all of this begging and pleading with people not to drink and drive! I know it’s the holiday season when many people are attending parties and it is my prayer that none of my family, friends or members of my musical family will even consider getting behind the wheel if they’ve been drinking. Anyone that has been drinking and then decides to drive has the potential of killing or seriously injuring others or themselves, and I wouldn’t want anyone I know to go through the mental and physical trauma of this kind of accident.

On a side note, if there are any promoters waiting on paperwork from me ‚Äì please be patient and I promise I’ll get it to you.  Also, if anyone has tried to reach me that I haven’t gotten back with, please call or email again. Finally, my Blackberry was destroyed in the wreck and I am trying to rebuild my contact information so if there are any folks that would like to send me their numbers I would greatly appreciate that!  [andrea@andrearobertsagency.com]

Thank you to everyone for their prayers and good wishes!

We’ll add one other comment… Please make a point to wear your safety belts, and make sure that your air bags are in working order. We don’t want to lose any members of our bluegrass family over the holidays!

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