Downtown Ramblers: On The Other Side Of The City

On The Other Side Of The CityThe Downtown Ramblers (Gothenburg, Sweden) were voted European Bluegrass Band of the Year in 2009, just a few short months after releasing their first, self-titled, CD. That recording featured  all original material. The band’s sound is a unique blend of traditional bluegrass influenced by Swedish folk music, pop, and jazz. They describe this sound as Nordic Urban Bluegrass.

Downtown Ramblers are set to release their second CD, On The Other Side Of The City, next month, May 2011.

Very little information is available at this time. The band’s website has been modified to little more than a pre-order page for the new CD. I guess we’ll all have to wait till next month to experience a little more of this Swedish band’s unique brand of Nordic Urban Bluegrass!