Do you need Power Pins for your guitar?

Power Pins from Big Rock EngineeringAnyone who’s owned an acoustic, steel-stringed guitar for years – or ever worked in a music store – understands the tedium involved in changing guitar strings. It may not be the worst possible way to spend 15-20 minutes of your life, but most of us will admit to waiting days and weeks longer than we should to change strings, simply to avoid the hassle.

Well the folks at Big Rock Engineering in southern California have devised a product which promises to simplify string changing forever, after installing their Power Pins to your bridge. Mounted through the bridge plate, Power Pins allow for subsequent string changes to be accomplished by merely running a string through the exterior portion on the Pin, without having to remove or replace a bridge pin, or fish a string in or out of the hole.

Here’s a brief video that explains how to install and use the Power Pins.


The question for bluegrass guitarists will be, “How will these metal pins affect the tone and response of my guitar?” Big Rock has also prepared a video to address those concerns.


Power Pins Assembly and Installation instructionsThe Power Pins are available in black, chrome or gold and sell for roughly $50 through dealers, or directly from Big Rock Engineering, who also created this cross-section diagram to help explain how the pins are installed, and how they function. They say that, properly installed (meaning not over-tigthened), there is no permanent modification to your instrument.

You can get more details about Power Pins, and the other guitar accessories they offer, at

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