Do you know where your showcase is?

With the IBMA World Of Bluegrass fast approaching, we want to take a moment to remind everyone that Bluegrass Today will be updated live at the event. We will be on site and posting updates frequently throughout each day.

As this is the first year for the event to be held in Nashville it is quite possible that there will be some confusion surrounding the location and scheduling of the late night showcases which were formerly hosted in the hospitality suites at the Galt House. In an effort to help alleviate this problem, we will publish a comprehensive chart of late night World Of Bluegrass showcases which can be easily accessed by anyone in attendance trying to locate an event, an association or other sponsoring agency, or particular bands and artists.

We are asking that associations, and any other parties who are hosting or sponsoring showcases, please contact us with information about when and where your showcase(s) will be held. Once we hear from you, we will pass along on site contact info as well so that last minute changes can be added to our listings, assuring that Bluegrass Today charts will offer the most reliable and up to date showcase info at IBMA.

Of course if you are not attending the World Of Bluegrass you’ll still want to keep an eye on Bluegrass Today during IBMA week in October. We have some exciting things in store including: live blogging all week, interviews (including photos, podcasts, and maybe even videocasts) with all your favorite bluegrass artists, late night jam reports, and a few other things we hope to announce shortly.