Do-It-Yourself Bluegrass Biz

DIYBluegrassBiz.comWhile there are independent artists in virtually all genres of music, and there are resources for learning to manage your career as an indie artist, each genre has its own distinguishing peculiarities. From bluegrass festivals, to coffee shop jam sessions, to IBMA, you’ll need to understand the world of bluegrass music to effectively promote your music and manage your career. In other words, you’ll need more specific coaching than the general resources available for indie artists can provide you.

That’s where comes in. Founded by Bob Faris (Faris Family), the site provides resources in the form of a blog, PDF articles, book recommendations, and a list of links to other helpful web resources. Topics addressed include: booking, setting fees, choosing band names, writing press releases, product development, accounting, insurance, and many more. The onsite articles are very helpful, well written, and available as PDF files so you may download them and read them at your pleasure.

We strongly recommend that all independent bluegrass bands take advantage of this amazing resource. A band that was interested in improving their business this year, could take one article a week and have every band member read through it before your regular practice. Then devote a portion of your time together to discuss what you read and make a list of action steps based on what you’ve learned. Head over to now and get started.

A good place to start would be with the article, Why plan – I want to Pick!