Digital technology and bluegrass

Bluegrass Today viewpointThis is the first in a series of Viewpoint articles I’m working on concerning digital technology and bluegrass. It is intended to be an introduction to the topics I want to discuss and to give you the opportunity to suggest topics I may have overlooked. Here’s a list of the topics for which I have planned discussions.

  • File trading and bluegrass
  • Legal music downloads and bluegrass
  • Podcasting and bluegrass
  • Digital video and bluegrass

Let’s save discussion about the specifics of each of these topics for it’s article, but for now feel free to ad comments suggesting areas digital technology has affected bluegrass (for good or ill) that you think ought to be added to my list.

My main goal is to answer the question:

How have the digital music revolution, file trading, peer-2-peer networks, iTunes type services, and other digital technology affected the bluegrass music industry?

Let’s hear your thoughts. Remember, you must be registered and logged in to comment. (The links are at the top of the page under the image)