Delta Stream celebrates Pokémon Day with a music video

Delta Stream is a new group featuring southwest Virginia bluegrass veterans Jody King and Jeanette Williams. Jody has played banjo with Jeanette and her husband Johnny’s group for many years, and currently also wields the five with Darin & Brooke Aldridge, and with Larry Cordle. Jeanette is a well-known singer and songwriter, and was one of the original Daughters of Bluegrass.

Together they have decided to offer something a little different in the bluegrass world, and have released a video in celebration of February 27 as international Pokémon Day. For those who have been living under a rock, Pokémon started out as a video game in the mid-1990s, and has spun into a media empire encompassing books, films, television, anime, and merchandise of every sort. Initially targeted for children, those children having grown into adults, now share the game and its many offshoots with their own children. The latest iteration, an augmented reality version called Pokémon Go for smart phones, is a huge hit all over the world.

King is just such a Pokémon nerd, and his daughter Kayla grew up as one as well. Together with Jeanette and vocalist Lyss Emerson, they have produced a music video with an acoustic bluegrass arrangement of the iconic Pokémon theme song.

Jody says…

“What started out as me simply reading a Pokémon Handbook to my young daughter has grown to spawn family vacations and countless memories. I can add yet another memory with my bandmates, which include my daughter and some of my best friends. This group, and particularly this song, are a check off the bucket list for me for sure.

There are various ‘easter eggs’ in the video for hardcore fans, as well as some personal references. Angry faced Pikachu became a sort of mascot for my late sister while she was taking chemo and radiation treatments, so you will see that Pikachu, as well as the Pikachu beanie she wore after losing her hair. You’ll also see framed artwork of my late mother as a Pokémon trainer with her two favorite Pokémon. The kids had given her trading cards of those two characters, which ‘Memaw’ proudly kept in her wallet.”

Great fun!

The video was shot at King’s After 5 Studio in Ararat, VA, with Jenee Fleenor helping out on fiddle.

He describes the band as a side project that is more than just a lark.

“Delta Stream is a new group born from a desire to share what has inspired us as people as well as artists, all while igniting creativity within ourselves. We will be covering both familiar ‘nerd culture’ material, and playing original music. Delta Stream has as much to offer to acoustic music fans as hardcore nerds.”

You can find them on the popular social media platforms online.

The single is available now on bandcamp, and will be in all the popular streaming and download services soon.

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