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Have you ever wondered what a studio recording session with Del McCoury was like? Thanks to Del and Music Producers Institute, you can know find out. MPI is premiering their new in-studio video from tracking sessions for the Del McCoury band’s new recording Old Memories: The Songs of Bill Monroe.

The 65 minute video features the band recording two songs for the album. It shows them rehearsing the tunes, and recording several takes of the same song. It’s a great insight into how the band makes their recordings, and how a song develops. The video also features outtakes and studio banter with Del and the band, as well as engineer David Ferguson. It was shot with 4 still cameras and two handhelds, for great closeups, and coverage in full HD.

For recording aficionados, Ferguson walks the viewer through mic selection, and placement, as well as many helpful recording tips that would help the beginner recordist or the seasoned professional. It was recorded at the famous Sound Emporium studio in Nashville, TN.

The cost to watch the online video is just $4.99, which is very affordable given the rarity of being a “fly on the wall” at a professional recording session. The fee gets you 2 views of the video, and you may also choose to “gift” the second viewing to a friend via a special link and password. Pretty cool concept.

My only wish as a viewer would be to have the video available to view multiple times in order to review some of the finer details of the recording. Fishell says he wouldn’t rule out a DVD release of the session, but said that would be way in the future.

The concept of giving outsiders a view into the recording process is the brainchild of producer/musician Steve Fishell. Like many musicians, he believes being able to watch the recording process is a great resource, and one he wished he could have accessed as an up and coming musician. Fishell is a grammy award winning producer, as well as being an in demand pedal steel guitarist.

In addition to viewing the video, MPI students were allowed to be present when the recording was taking place. Classes like these are offered throughout the year with registration ranging from $400-$1200 per session.

MPI has another upcoming video release with country-rock band Poco. He also mentioned that he wouldn’t be opposed to doing more bluegrass sessions. In order for a MPI video or live class to be successful, Fishell said that the artist should have access to a mailing list or online following of at least 8,000-10,000 people.

If you meet this criteria, you can contact him at 615-400-5324 or by email at

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