David Harvey joins Gibson (OAI)

David HarveyThe mandolin division at Gibson Original Acoustic Instruments is a place of legends. Names like Lloyd Loar and Charlie Derrington are ever present in the minds of mandolinists. Danny Roberts, of the Grascals, has also served a stint with Gibson in recent years.

The latest addition to the staff at Gibson OAI is mandolinist, producer, and luther, David Harvey.

David Harvey, master musician and producer has joined the Gibson Original Acoustic Instruments Division (GOAI) as master luthier.

In David’s new role he will oversee the mandolin production and be an active participation in all quality control matters. David will also conduct clinics and dealer events throughout the country and will play an integral role in the presence of Gibson Original Acoustic Instruments in the Bluegrass community worldwide.

David has an extensive background in instrument construction and repair and has served many bluegrass stars as the ‘go-to’ guy for needed repairs and set up.

You can read the full press release here.