Darin, Brooke, and Cow do Prague

Earlier this month, Darin & Brooke Aldridge along with John Cowan, flew more than 4500 miles to Prague in the Czech Republic where they played three sold out shows over two days. That’s a long way to go for a show, but they all report having had a blast touring the historic city, and performing for over 1200 delighted bluegrass fans over a busy weekend.

The Aldridge regular bandmates, fiddler Carly Arrowood and banjo picker Matt Menefee made the trip as well, which included the scheduled concerts plus VIP jams after each show. They were hosted by Rosta and Iva Capek of Capek Instruments, who put together the whirlwind tour.

Darin and Brooke said that it was a great way to debut their music in the old country.

“We feel so extremely grateful for the opportunity and success we experienced on our very first European Music Tour to Prague with our dear friend John Cowan. This journey to ‘The Golden City’ and the people there truly made an impact in our lives and on our hearts that we’ll forever cherish.”

John also shared a few thoughts when he first returned from what he described as a remarkable trip.

“Jet lag is about to force me into a new reality, but while I’m still basking in the warmth of our Czech friends I wanted to say a proper thank you to everyone that came to our 3 shows in Prague. Rosta and Iva: you were amazing hosts and took great care of not only myself, Darin, Brooke, Carly, and Matt, but also all the wonderful folks who came to see the shows.

Everything was grand, from our flights, accommodations, and sight-seeing to the venue, the sound, the pickin’ parties and cuisine. I have been playing music now for 50 years (I was 14 years old in my first high school band), and the enthusiasm of the audiences at these shows is something I will never, ever forget. Every single person I encountered in our visit (after all 3 shows) renewed all over again my belief in the power, humanity, and love that music gives us an opportunity to share in.

I also need to thank Jan from Vivian Guitars and Basses for lending me one of the nicest electric basses I’ve ever placed in my hands. I’m already planning my next Czech Republic visit in my head; I pray it comes to fruition.”

Their manager, Brian Smith with Leadership Artists, also sent along a couple of photos from the tour.

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