Dan Tyminski ranked by Golf Digest

Musician Golf Rankings by Golf DigestThe December issue of Golf Digest contains a list of the Top 100 Musicians. Our very own Dan Tyminski has been ranked #11 on the list in a three way tie with Lloyd Cole and Alice Cooper.

Golf Digest ranks the musicians based on the U.S. Golf Association’s Golf Handicap and Information Network along with state associations and numbers provided by publicists, friends, and playing partners.

With a maximum recommended handicap of 36.4 (for men), Dan’s is a very respectable 5.3. Other musicians we’ll claim who also made list are Vince Gill at #2 with a 0 handicap, Joe Diffie ranked at #32, and Charlie Daniels came in at #91. These are the ones on the list that I’m willing to claim anyway. Check the list out for yourself here.