Dailey & Vincent with Laura Bell Bundy

While we don’t keep an eagle eye on the country music scene, sometimes we do find our beloved bluegrassers popping up in what Nashville dishes out.

The new video from singer Laura Bell Bundy occasions just such a discovery. In promoting her current single, Kentucky Dirty, Bundy wanted some real Kentucky bluegrass to be pictured in the video, just as you can hear some banjo tinkling in the background of the song. As the director of the video, she had full reign over content, so she hooked up with Daily & Vincent to provide just the right feel.


Is that a tad racy for Jamie and Darrin?

In addition to D&V regulars Jeff Parker, B.J. Cherryholmes, and Jessie Baker, Seth Taylor is pictured in the video on guitar.

This “behind the scenes” video shows the music video being staged and shot, and includes Laura’s comments about how much she admires Dailey & Vincent – and UK sports.


Kentucky Dirty isn’t the first time she’s bathed her music in five string goodness. Giddy On Up, her debut single in 2010, used banjo as the primary rhythm instrument for much of the song, and the video demonstrated her song-and-dance background.


Ms. Bundy took a circuitous and non-traditional route to Nashville. Showing a precocious talent for the stage as a child, she started acting in regional theatre productions before she got to high school, worked as a model as a teen, and was appearing in national television and films just out of high school. She began a successful string of Broadway appearances in her twenties, including a year in the lead role as Elle Woods in Legally Blond: The Musical. She also appears alongside Charlie Sheen in his new television show, Anger Management.

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  • If my eyes aren’t deceiving me, I believe the DJ in the video is Molly “MK” Cherryholmes!

  • Lisa Jacobi

    I spy Seth Taylor on guitar in the background. Wearing a hat. Seth is a hat wearing kind of dude!

  • Dennis Jones


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  • Chris Jones

    Putting “Ale-8-1” in this video showed good attention to Kentucky detail.

    • Amen. Dailey & Vincent + Ale-8? I can overlook country-pop for that!

  • Dan Jones

    Is this for real?? I know one person who won’t be supporting their music anymore after this escapade. They stand on the stage and present themselves as Christians yet make a video with females gyrating all over the place and a song is being performed with suggestive lyrics. This is unacceptable. The Bible tells us to go out and tell folks about being a Christian and I for one, dont think this falls into that at all. Very disappointed. It appears that sometimes money and fame sometimes trump doing the right thing. They wont be getting another penny from me nor will any festival that has them, definitely including the ones that advertise the show as a Gospel Show.

  • rex hart

    I have got to agree with Dan on this. Not judging anyone, but to me this is straddling both sides of the fence.

  • Kevin Landon

    I have to admit…I absolutely love alcohol, sex, and suggestive dancing, but yeah, D&V’s participation in this video took me by surprised.

    That said, it’s also kinda nice to know they aren’t saints, that they are able to cut loose and have a little fun. Also, hopefully they got a little money for this, which I think could be much-needed…

    Still, I’m conflicted. If only life were black-and-white and everything fit into neat little boxes!

  • Jared Ledford

    While the music is not to my taste, over thinking the content of the video and criticizing a band that is on the road day in and day out singing the praises of the God is not entirely fair. While the content of the video is absolutely questionable, is judging and criticizing really the best thing to do?