Commerce County Line Television Pilot

I spoke with Brad Davis over the weekend and he was telling me about a new television show he is working on called Commerce County Line. Brad is currently living in Commerce County, Texas and named the show accordingly. Brad described the show like this:

Commerce County Line is a music show that will showcase the song and the songwriter. It will be filmed in High definition, five point one surround sound television broadcasting. The show will showcase signed professional songwriters from bluegrass, country, classical, rock to blues. It’s like Austin City Limits unplugged with interviews and a segment spotlighting an unknown talent through the CCL online contest. The pilot has been shot with special guest Ray Wylie Hubbard. Network channel and time TBA.

While the show is not strictly bluegrass in nature, it will be bluegrass friendly. Brad’s credentials as a bluegrass flatpicking master are unquestionable. He will host the show, interviewing the songwriter and playing accompaniment as the songwriter performs original tunes. Apart from his roots and continued love of bluegrass, Brad is a Grammy Award winning musician who has performed on countless movie soundtracks.

The pilot has already been filmed and is currently in the final stages of post-production. It will be sent to the HDNet network later this week. If the network decides to pick up the show it could be available to subscribers nation wide.

Good Luck Brad!