Clarence White in Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Clarence White in 1972The latest edition of Acoustic Guitar Magazine features an article written by guitar master Scott Nygaard, entitled Flying High: Clarence White Feature Lesson.

The article includes a good bit of historical information about Clarence, including his influences, and comments from some of today’s legends who were influenced by his playing. One quote that seems to sum up the feelings most professionals have for Clarence is from guitar great Tony Rice.

I couldn’t play like him. I still can’t play like him. Nobody else can either.

Despite Rice’s accurate assessment that no one can play like Clarence, Nygaard feels that we can still learn from him and capture at least a little part of his style in our own playing. To that end, the article includes tablature examples for 13 different licks and passages, including one rhythm passage, a turn through 9lb Hammer, and some wilder licks that might take a bit of practice to master.

The online version of the article includes mp3 audio files to let you hear Nygaard perform the lick as an aid to your learning experience.

If you are a guitar player, here is a chance to grab a couple new moves that will not only expand your mind and playing, but make the other pickers you play with take notice.