Chris Thile & The Tensions Mountain Boys

How To Grow A BandDuring the course or our interview back in September of 2006, Chris Thile indicated that the How To Grow A Band would eventually become The Tensions Mountain Boys. That metamorphasis is about to occur. Tomorrow, March 17, 2007 The Tensions Mountain Boys will perform live at Carnegie Hall.

This won’t be your ordinary band performance though. Chris and group will be unveiling a 40 minute composition called The Blind Leaving The Blind. The piece consists of four movements and contains intricate instrumental arrangements as well as vocal passages. Don’t be mistaken though, this is no medley of tunes strung together, this is a 40 minute composition. The article on the Carnegie Hall website quotes Chris’ thoughts on The Blind Leaving The Blind.

Musically, I’m just trying to write what I want to hear, and this time I wanted to try my hand at keeping a set of related ideas interesting for 40 minutes

The band has been playing the first movement of the piece during some of the How To Grow A Band performances, but tomorrow night will be the first live performance of the entire composition. In typical Chris Thile fashion, this is sure to be a musical experience that pushes the boundaries of what anyone expects, himself included.

There is a Myspace page in existence for The Tension Mountain Boys, and it contains a link to At the moment though, there is nothing more than a default placeholder page provided by the hosting company. Will we see a new website soon? We’ll just have to wait and find out…