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Song Garden Music Group has announced the signing of Chosen Road to the label. The popular, North Carolina-based Gospel/bluegrass act have been sharing their music and ministry all across the US, and around the globe. Song Garden, based in eastern Virginia, was formed by artists with an artist-centric theme in mind.

But wait… doesn’t the band run its own label already? We asked Chosen Road bandleader Jonathan Buckner about that, and it turns out it was a complicated answer. He told us that they continue to run and service Poor Mountain Records, but that the demands on the band’s time and his own family commitments suggested that it was time to sign on with an ongoing entity.

Poor Mountain Records is still in existence, however, with our hectic tour schedule, the mission work we are involved with around the world, and trying to keep up with a three year old is keeping me busy. I’ve decided that is where my time and energy needs to be spent. I have decided to not actively seek new label artists for the time being. I truly felt like we had some real success with Poor Mountain Records, and I truly enjoyed working with the bands.

When we started the label, Chosen Road was not as busy as we are now. The band’s mission and reach has grown so much over the past three years, and I feel like the biggest impact I can have on the world around me is by devoting my time solely to the band. When we started Poor Mountain, I also was not a father. About a year into the journey with Poor Mountain my wife and I had the opportunity to adopt a little girl, and that has been the best decision I’ve ever made.  

Chosen Road’s mission work now reaches from Appalachia to the United Kingdom. We couldn’t be more blessed, and don’t deserve the success that we’ve had. Every week we get to share a message of Hope through Jesus Christ, and then we also get to introduce thousands of new fans each week to the music we love.”

During all the time that Chosen Road has been seeing their opportunities open up before them, they have also been working on a new recording project. But with the busy touring schedule, it has taken quite some time to complete.

“Our partnership with Song Garden Music Group came at a time when it just made sense. They have a like minded mission, and were willing to take the album on and release it to the public.  They have been such a blessing to work with.”

And that new record is out today, which Buckner says means a lot to him and the rest of the group.

“The new album, Appalachian Worship, has been about two years in the making. It’s an album that features some of the church’s favorite worship songs presented in a bluegrass format. The album features a couple original songs, as well as a guest performance by top selling Christian Contemporary artist Phillips, Craig, and Dean. From the get go we wanted the album to be an encouragement. In our home region of Appalachia, so many people are depressed, oppressed, and just hopeless. Drugs have wreaked havoc in our communities, families are falling apart, and people are searching for a light. We wanted this album to bring hope to these people. That’s what it’s all about for us.”

Appalachian Worship is available now wherever you stream or download music online, and to radio programmers via AirPlay Direct. CDs and LPs can be purchased from the band’s web site.

The album is now available to radio via AirPlay Direct, and to the general public via all digital music platforms.  Digital downloads and physical product can also be purchased directly from the band’s web site.

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