Cherryholmes. . .

Well, first off let me say that I don’t listen to much bluegrass music. It is all pretty new to me. I noticed on here that some folks are not happy with the comments made on stage by Jere Cherryholmes. . . and yes, that IS his real name. Cia however is NOT the his first born there are six kids in the family (two older than Cia), but one has passed on.

I think that Jere is more about music that introductions or comments. It would be weird (at best) for a group to just come out, play several songs one right after the other and then bow and leave the stage. While some of his comments are not always in good taste, he DOES try to interact with the audience which keeps them comin’ back for more. And if people are laughing, he thinks hes on the right track at relating to them.

I have known Jere for over 47 years now. He has his own style of humor which is funny in small groups and always has been. He never set out to be on stage in front of hundreds of people, and now that he (and the rest of the family are) just enjoy the music.

Oh, and if you do see room for improvement perhaps go to their site and send a message to Jere personally. After all, he most likely won’t even see the stuff on here and won’t know that folks feel the way they do about the comments. If people are laughing, he thinks they like it. Just my .02 worth. Thanks for listening.