Charlie Louvin immortalized in film

Charlie Louvin —Still Rattlin’ The Devil’s Cage is the title of a new documentary film released in December 2011. A part of the legendary Louvin Brothers duet with his brother Ira, Charlie lost his battle with cancer last year, but not before the interviews and stage footage of his last performance were captured during the shooting for this film.

The Louvin Brothers began as pure Gospel performers, releasing several albums for Capitol Records before becoming members of the Grand Old Opry and incorporating secular songs into their performances. Known for their harmony, and guitar and mandolin accompaniment, the duet split over Ira’s lifestyle, primarily his heavy drinking.

Both recorded as solo artists, although Ira died young in an automobile accident in 1965. Charlie continued to record and perform, including regular appearances on the Grand Old Opry, until his death. Hearkening back to a time when country and bluegrass music were immediate family members instead of distant relatives, the Louvins’ music has provided a great source of material for modern bluegrass artists.

The documentary, which took nearly a year to complete, features interviews and performance footage of Charlie, as well as appearances by artists influenced by Charlie and the Louvin Brothers, including George Jones, Emmylou Harris, Marty Stuart, and Alison Krauss, among others. A limited number of copies of the documentary are available for purchase on DVD, with all proceeds going directly to Mrs. Louvin.

More information about the film is available at, where it can be ordered as well as at

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