• Late Night – Danny Bowers

    North Carolina banjo picker, Danny Bowers, has released a solo project entitled Late Night. Bowers, who is banjoist with Travis Frye and Blue Mountain, started playing music at age 10. According to Bowers, he is a pure-blooded banjo nerd. For

  • Old Mountain Time – Beg, Steal or Borrow

    Formed in 2013, Beg, Steal or Borrow received substantial acclaim well before the release of this, their debut album, Old Mountain Time. This publication in particular proclaimed them to be a “Triple Crown Bluegrass Band” by virtue of the fact

  • New Richmond Town – Cox’s Army

    There’s a clear distinction between confidence and cockiness. The former is a reflection of effort, ability and familiarity with a genre. The latter is indicative of the desire simply to grandstand and tout one’s image, often to the detriment of

  • A Mountain To Climb – The Churchmen

    There’s no doubt, even from the opening notes of I’d Like to be Your Neighbor, the initial song on this, their 10th album, that The Churchmen live up to their name. Likewise, it’s especially evident that the title of their new

  • NC BanjoFest makes its mark in the dark

    Assembled banjo pickers at the 2019 North Carolina BanjoFest - photo by Gary Hatley The show must go on and it did, despite a two hour power outage during a rainstorm, at the North Carolina Banjofest this past weekend in Clemmons,

  • Every Bit Of Me – Ali Shumate

    There may be no more successful song incubator than the Lil House songwriting workshops conducted by Donna Ulisse, Jerry Salley, and Rick Stanley at Donna and Rick’s farm in Lebanon, Tennessee. The Family Sowell, Ulisse, and a handful of others have

  • Pictures – Hammertowne

    There’s something to be said about putting one’s music where one’s mouth is. Simply put, that means not only tapping into a traditional template but also sharing the stories that are compatible  with its vintage origins. That’s the mantra that Hammertowne