• Wings of a Jetliner – Nate Lee

    Nate Lee is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades in the bluegrass world. He’s probably known best for his mandolin work, currently with the Becky Buller Band, and is one of those musicians that can show up and jump in on

  • Inside the Lines – Nick Chandler & Delivered

    Although its title suggests the possibility of some sort of subterfuge, Inside the Lines, the latest album from North Carolina’s Nick Chandler & Delivered, is as revealing and straight-forward as they come. Named an IBMA Official Ramble Showcase Artist in

  • A Letter From Home – The Cockman Family

    Since the late 1980s, The Cockman Family have been bluegrass Gospel favorites for audiences in and around North Carolina. A true family band consisting of four brothers, a sister, and their father, they’ve racked up accolades in musical and traditional

  • Blues Around My Cabin – Flashback

    Reunion bands are cool, right? The Bluegrass Album Band back together in Asheville, NC, a few years back, was certainly awesome, and a Johnson Mountain Boys reunion might just be my dream bluegrass concert (HINT, HINT). However, reunions usually take

  • Self Titled – Fenced In

    Fenced In harbor no allusions other than their intents. They eschew any sort of innovative stance in favor of a traditional tapestry, a seasoned sound built on bluegrass basics and a timeless template. It’s little surprise then that this self-titled