• Thursday at Jekyll Island Bluegrass ’23

    Deeper Shade of Blue at the 2023 Jekyll Island Bluegrass Festival - photo © Bill Warren The Evans Media Source winter festival season has started. Thursday opened the season on Jekyll Island, Georgia. Bluegrass fans have been gathering for the Jekyll

  • Timeless – The Burnett Sisters Band

    The Burnett Sisters from Boone, North Carolina are not easy to categorize in terms of a genre. Everything they do is within the acoustic realm of course, but it ranges from bluegrass and western swing, to gospel and even old-time

  • Friday night at the Woodbine Opry

    We are on our annual trip to Jekyll Island. One of the highlights of the trip each year is a visit to the Woodbine Opry on a Friday night. This year's visit found us there on the final Friday of

  • Back In Again – Kentucky Shine

    Kentucky Shine's name might seem to sum up all that needs to be said about the group's musical mantra, but at the same time, those who assume the handle says it all are shortchanging this varied and versatile combo. While

  • Railroad Town – Jr Williams

    One of my hands-down favorite songs from the past year was Jr Williams’s Railroad Town Without a Train, the poignant story of the closing of the Clinchfield railyards in Erwin, TN. Written by Tim Stafford and Thomm Jutz, the song

  • The Road Not Taken – Darren Beachley

    Darren Beachley is a recognizable force in bluegrass music. Known for his years as a member of Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, as well as his leadership of the all star band, Darren Beachley & The Legends of the Potomac, The Road

  • Stories – The Local Boys

    The Local Boys create a sound infused with confidence and credibility. It’s no surprise really, especially when one considers that they've been practicing their craft for over two decades. The band —John Aaron (guitar/vocal), Steven Davidson (mandolin/vocals), Tommy Ray (banjo/vocals),

  • Very Merry Christmas – Williamson Branch

    As the snow flies outside my studio window, and the pressures of unfinished tasks threaten to bring out the grinchiest of my Grinch-like qualities, I'm sitting here wearing a huge who-cares smile. Reality can wait until next week, maybe even

  • Backs to My Roots – Sequoia Rose

    Sequoia Rose is known to the bluegrass community as an award-winning mandolinist and a former member of The James King Band. His latest release, Back To My Roots, is a blend between traditional sounds and more progressive musical ideas. The bulk of the