• Mr. Bluegrass Manners – Christmas Edition

    Welcome to our first annual Mr. Bluegrass Manners - Christmas Edition. Mr. Bluegrass Manners has taken time out of his busy holiday schedule (being well-mannered is very time-consuming this time of year) to field some Christmas-related questions from readers. Most

  • Help a brother out during the holidays

    At some point in the holiday season, somewhere between attending school Christmas concerts and swilling egg nog at some other social get together, some choose to make annual charitable donations. There are a few reasons for doing this in December,

  • Siri, what can I expect backstage?

    One of the most important cliche phrases of “the teens” (2013 - present), aside from “drink the Kool-aid,” “going forward,” and, from the world of television news: “at the end of the day,” is “there’s an app for that.” We

  • Christmas music before Thanksgiving

    This being the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, you would naturally be expecting a Thanksgiving-y column, perhaps a list of bluegrass things to be thankful for, e.g. “I’m thankful for my Blue Chip TPR 45,” or “I’m thankful for Jimmy Martin’s lead

  • Band name cleanup on aisle six!

    We return this week to one of my favorite subjects: band names. It’s probably in my top five, ranked somewhere between dairy cow breeds and bluegrass festival signage. When new bands are formed, a lot of agonizing takes place among the

  • Halloween costume ideas for bluegrass lovers

    This will be my last column before Halloween, so let me reiterate what you’ve probably already heard in countless public service announcements (“PSAs” to radio people, or people who just don’t have the time to say “Public Service Announcements”): Please

  • The return of Mr Bluegrass Manners

    It’s time for our second installment of Mr. Bluegrass Manners. I had previously invited you to submit your questions below in the comments section, or ask me via my Facebook fan page (see below), and you responded. Here are a

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