• Are you afraid to die?

    You may think of people who have chosen bluegrass music as a profession as fearless types who proceed boldly into the future without a care for their material comfort, or family and financial stability. Perhaps you’re correct about the financial

  • What if this were the last IBMA/WOB ever?

    Greetings from Scotland, after just concluding our tour of Ireland.  It seems that every year someone somewhere is predicting the end of the world, and it’s usually fairly close to IBMA World of Bluegrass time. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Below

  • What you can and can not do in bluegrass

    You’ll find that if you’re in the bluegrass music business for any length of time that things can and will occasionally go wrong. Mistakes will be made, sometimes through no fault of your own (but who are we kidding?). I’ve

  • Bluegrass Haiku – international version

    Last week’s rerun of one of my bluegrass haiku columns was meant to serve as a handy setup for some new haiku I’ve decided to compose for this week. Most recently I had been concentrating on rewriting some of our best-loved

  • Return of the Bluegrass Haiku

    The following column was originally written during National Haiku Writing Month, which this month isn’t, but this month happens to be “National Declare a National Month For Something Month,” so let’s just go ahead and consider this National Haiku Writing