• An homage to specialized tribute bands

    The tribute band is nothing new to bluegrass music or to any other genre of music, for that matter. “Beatlemania” was the first one I was ever aware of, but I know the concept is much older than that. Sometimes there’s

  • Bluegrass haiku and fear of the banjo

    As was mentioned last week, in my introduction to the rerun of my original column on bluegrass haiku, this is National Haiku Writing Month, as decreed by someone who likes writing haiku. The thinking is that during this, the shortest

  • What’s your name, boy?

    I’m on tour in California and Arizona this week, so writing time has been scarce. We’re currently driving north up the coast (or I assume it’s north because that looks very much like the Pacific ocean out my left window)

  • Let’s Make Bluegrass Great Again!

    In light of the recent success of a similar campaign slogan, I decided to shamelessly adopt it for bluegrass. Hey, if it can do for bluegrass what it did for the President elect, then the music world is about to

  • Most Boring Bluegrass Stories of 2016

    One of the most popular annual features of this column, second only to every other annual feature, is our review of the year’s most boring stories. The end of December and January are all about recapping the previous year in chart

  • Bluegrass Knowledge Test for 2017

    Veteran readers of this Wednesday column may recall that around New Year’s Day (that is to say sometime between December 26th and the first day of Spring), I present an annual bluegrass knowledge test, known officially as the “Bluegrass Knowledge

  • New for New Years: Resolutions by the hour

    Peter Thompson, noted California bluegrass D.J. and former concert organizer, recently e-mailed out a copy of Woody Guthrie’s New Years resolutions from 1942, which Woody called “New Years Rulins.” It was a long list, with 33 items on it, and had

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