• Unlikely bluegrass pairings up for 2019

    It’s IBMA Awards voting season, and some changes in the process have already been announced for 2019 by the IBMA board of directors. Most are minor procedural changes that may not be terribly interesting to most members (they weren’t even

  • Summertime… and the GPS is queasy

    The Memorial Day weekend is sort of a milestone in the year. It’s the unofficial start of summer. The fashion people also tell us it’s now okay to wear white shoes (lime green leisure suit optional).  Canada celebrates a long weekend

  • And To Think That I Saw It At Bean Blossom

    I wanted to begin this week by answering some concerns raised in the comments section and elsewhere about some of the contents of my columns, whether it be alleged pinball sexism, or alleged lack of respect for traditional bluegrass lyrics.

  • He’s got such a supple wrist

    Some time ago, I proposed a video game for songwriters that would allow them to experience simulated hardships to enable them to write soulful songs without having to actually experience the heartbreak and tragedy that usually feeds that kind of

  • Hey… can you help an artist out?

    Several weeks ago I wrote a column about bluegrass financing (save all your oxymoron jokes for another time!), and we got into an interesting discussion in the comments section below, which I’d like to pick up on, expand upon, then

  • Studio tips and pop psychology – part two

    Last week we were discussing the psychology of the studio experience, and we’ve come now to the critically important matter of the engineer. When we last left the studio, our engineer was mixing an album with 6 different self-producers surrounding him,

  • Another look at life in the studio

    The Night Drivers and I are in the studio this week in North Carolina, recording new material for Mountain Home, so I figured this would be a good time to offer up an “encore presentation” (rerun) of a column I