• 2020 Bluegrass Knowledge Test

    It’s our annual quiz week. Before we begin, though, I’d like to rewind to Christmas Eve. The scene is a typical American household, but with an important twist: Little Billy and Lila are tucked all snug in their beds, but

  • Top 11 Signs Your Band is Breaking Up

    Happy 2020 to you! I’ve made only one resolution this year, and that is not to write a full New Year’s Day column. Instead, I’m going to use this time to clean my office. This will be especially challenging since

  • Merry alternative song titles Christmas!

    Merry Christmas, all! This one is going to be short; I’m surrounded by people wearing festive sweaters, and someone just handed me a cup of egg nog. Note: for anyone concerned that I’m drinking at this hour (it’s 6:00 a.m.

  • Bluegrass Christmas movie plot ideas

    Are you a fan of Christmas movies produced by that company we usually associate with greeting cards? I’ll admit up front that while they may not suit my own taste in movies exactly, I have to admire how prolific the

  • Bluegrass alternatives to Black Friday

    We’ve just made it through Thanksgiving, and I chose the phrase “made it through” deliberately. Let’s be honest, for all people’s happy and thankful social media posts (“I’m so thankful for my kitty Snooky-wookums, and the humans in my family

  • Do you know how to get to Carnegie Hall?

    We live in an era of almost constant self-promotion across multiple platforms. We also live in an era of hackers, fat-free cheesecake, and the use of the word “platform.” In short, it may not be the best of times, but