• Another stolen bass

    Here's another sad story about a stolen instrument, this time a string bass belonging to a student in the bluegrass music program at East Tennessee State University. Program director Raymond McLain has distributed this notice: One of our students had a distressing

  • Stolen Instrument: Knilling thin body Jazz bass

    Another stolen instrument report. This one is from Bryan Turner of Cumberland Gap Connection. It seems someone swiped his bass Tuesday night at IBMA. This is a somewhat unusual instrument. It's a Knilling Thinline Jazz Bass. It looks much the same

  • Stolen mandolin recovered

    Those of us who work in and around the music business recognize instrument thieves as among the most degenerate scum prowling the earth. We share the frustration and anger that accompanies the story of a professional musician finding their instrument

  • Stolen Instrument: Gibson Adam Steffey #29

    IBMA is mostly an old family homecoming, but there are a few bad apples in the barrel, so to speak. It seems one of them was wondering around the Renaissance Friday morning. Chris Harris, who plays mandolin with Junior Sisk and

  • Stolen: MK Octave Mandolins

    We received a report over the weekend that two Michael Kelly Octave Mandolins were recently stolen from Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Milton, Florida. The church was broken into and the two instruments were taken along with the sound system and

  • Banjo bandits still at large

    America's Most Wanted - Banjo Edition... CBS 13 in Sacramento, CA has the news of two banjo bandits who obtained a priceless 1931 Vegavox tenor banjo via burlarious entry into the owner's car in late July, and recently attempted

  • Stolen: 1994 Randy Woods Mandolin

    Folks, it always bothers me when I hear that someone's instrument has been stolen, but it's especially troubling when it happens in your own area. Last week in Blacksburg, VA a 1994 Randy Wood F model mandolin with varnish finish, fern

  • Stolen Banjo: TB-1 conversion

    Terry Tipton wrote in to ask for help recovering a vintage banjo that belongs to his nephew. It was stolen along with a Martin D-18 and some audio gear near Germantown, OH a week ago. He shared a detailed description of

  • Stolen Instruments – 6.07.06

    One of our readers just wrote in to tell us that he recently had several instruments stolen from his home. John did not indicate where his home is located, but since his company is in Atlanta, GA I assume his