Stolen: 1994 Randy Woods Mandolin

Folks, it always bothers me when I hear that someone’s instrument has been stolen, but it’s especially troubling when it happens in your own area.

Last week in Blacksburg, VA a 1994 Randy Wood F model mandolin with varnish finish, fern inlay, and the fancy pearl tuners was stolen. The serial number of the instrument is 11294.

The owner is offering a reward for the return of the instrument and may be contacted via an online form on the Mandolin Cafe.

UPDATE 1/4/13: We have learned that the serial number shown above was given to us in error.

Below is an affidavit from Randy Wood indicating that the mandolin with that number was sold, through Tony Williamson, to a customer in Japan, who still has the instrument in his possession.

Randy indicates that he did not produce any varnish fern models in 1194 or ’95.




We regret the error.