• Lonesome Standard Time crossing the pond

    Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time are on their way to Europe for shows this week in Holland and Norway. 7/12/06 - Turfschip: Nieuwkoop, Holland 7/13/06 - FolkMuseum: Sandane, Norway 7/15/06 - FestivalGround: Breim, Norway We hope that bluegrass lovers in that part

  • Ken Perlman receives fiddle grant

    Noted clawhammer banjoist and fingerstyle guitarist, Ken Perlman, has been awarded a grant through the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa to do a follow-up study on the fiddle music of Prince Edward Island. He will travel once again to PEI

  • New guitar CD from Roberto Dalla Vecchia

    We have recently gotten word of a new CD by noted Italian flatpicker, Roberto Dalla Vecchia. The project is entitled Grateful, released oddly enough on the Fingerpicking.net Records label. It features a number of Roberto's original tunes and guest performances

  • Crooked Jades heading to Britain

    The Crooked Jades, purveyors of "vintage music" in the truest sense of the word, are set to embark on a tour of the UK in July. The band is configured as an old time string band, but their music and

  • Del McCoury Band heading to the UK

    The Del McCoury Band will spend the second half of July touring in the British Isles, with 7 shows during that time in England, Scotland and Ireland. Fans in the UK will have a chance to see this powerful and

  • Good numbers from EWOB

    We posted a number of times of late about the recently-concluded European World Of Bluegrass events held in May across the continent. The European Bluegrass Music Association celebrates May as Bluegrass Music Month, with coordinated festivals and events that ran

  • New issue of Bluegrass Europe Magazine

    The June/July issue of Bluegrass Europe is available. This bimonthly, English language magazine is distributed to members of the European Bluegrass Music Association, and is bound with two additional European bluegrass publications, Bluegrass Buhne (German) and Strictly Country (Dutch). Editor

  • German bluegrass radio hosts seeks submissions

    We heard recenty from Rainer Zellner, a bluegrass radio host in Germany, seeking CD contributions from American artists. As regular readers may have noticed, Bluegrass Today is a strong and aggressive supporter of the efforts of bluegrass musicians and promoters

  • EWOB ’06 names European Band of the Year

    2006 was a good year for the Italians and the Dutch during the European World of Bluegrass band competition last week. The winners show a decided strength in those nations' bluegrass scene. European Bluegrass Band of 2006 1st place: Mideando String

  • Thinking It Blue from Bononia Grass

    Among the things we are particularly proud to publicize and encourage on Bluegrass Today are the efforts of non-US bands and musicians who perform and record bluegrass music. Living as we do in the southeastern United States where this music