German bluegrass radio hosts seeks submissions

We heard recenty from Rainer Zellner, a bluegrass radio host in Germany, seeking CD contributions from American artists. As regular readers may have noticed, Bluegrass Today is a strong and aggressive supporter of the efforts of bluegrass musicians and promoters outside of North America, and non-US bluegrass radio is often the primary way new and potential fans in Europe and Asia will first encounter the music.

It has been my experience that independent artists get a positive response from European show hosts, as major US labels are often unwilling to cover the costs of mailing large numbers of promo copies of new releases overseas. Non-US shows are often especially appreciative of the CDs they do receive, and a number of American bands who might be considered “mid level” here at home make regular tours in the UK and Europe as a result of building a following via radio.

In any event, for artists or labels who would like to send projects to Rainer, his address is:

Radio Wueste Welle T???bingen
Rainer Zellner
Saarstr. 8
T???bingen, 72070

Rainer mentioned tha his show, Hillbilly Boogie, is on twice each week (since 1999), and is streamed online. He can be reached by email as well.

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