• No Speed Limit In Japan

    Well, that's a bit misleading I suppose. They do, I'm sure, have speed limits in Japan. The band No Speed Limit is not traveling to Japan anytime soon that I am aware of. They are, however, being listened to there.

  • Thinking of touring in Europe?

    That is the title of a new section on the European Bluegrass Music Association's web site, designed to offer some tips and guidelines for bluegrass bands considering the feasibility of a European tour. Included is information on obtaining EBMA's European Bluegrass

  • Washburn D-10 wins major award

    Washburn Guitars is proud to note that their D10S guitar was honored earlier this month during the prestigious Music Industry Association Awards in London. The MIA is a British musical products trade association, roughly equivalent to NAAM, which started as

  • Our readers put the “I” in IBMA

    A look at the stats from yesterday and this morning shows just how truly international the interest in bluegrass music is - at least based on our readership. Here's a visitor map showing where our most recent 2500 readers are located.

  • EBMA 2007 info posted online

    The European Bluegrass Music Association has just posted details and information for the 2007 European World Of Bluegrass Festival and Trade Show. It is scheduled for May 17-19 in Voorthuizen, NL. Information in PDF form is available for bands interested in

  • Bill Monroe Tribute shows

    This post is another contribution from Richard Thompson, who has provided several special pieces to Bluegrass Today as we recall Bill Monroe today. In light of this ten year anniversary, many aficionados have organised special events to mark the occasion. Last

  • Crooked Still heading for Ireland

    Our friend Richard Hawkins over at The Bluegrass Ireland Blog is reporting that Crooked Still, the innovative Boston-based string band, is heading back to Ireland for a follow-up tour later this month. They made quite an impact when they visited