Carrivick Sisters in the box

The Carrivick Sisters - Laura and Charlotte CarrivickWe posted last month about British bluegrass twins The Carrivick Sisters competing on the Upstaged program on BBC TV. The show is a talent competition and Laura and Charlotte were selected to compete in the finals after their initial appearances.

The final stages of the show occur this week, and the sisters competed today (3/26). They will be closed up in a glass box performing for six hours while the cameras rolled.

“The time has finally come and we will be reentering the Upstaged box on Wednesday the 26th. Then if we win, we will be back on Saturday – then if we win that it’s Sunday! We are up against Dizzi Dulcimer on Wednesday, then depending on who wins, it would be Badger Trap or Raving Loonies Stole My Heart. If we get to the actual final then we are most likely to come up against the Vloggers. They have around 30,000 fans between them and kept winning no matter what they did taking 95% of the vote. We were getting 80% so we need all the help we can get! So tell all your friends and family and hopefully we can win this! The website is for those who are new to all this and it only takes a minute to register. The show starts at around 3.30pm. (GMT).”

Anyone can register and cast a vote, so let’s keep the bluegrass going in this competition!

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