Carl Towns to release “Intro” CD, “Here I am” October 2008

After a four year hiatus from recording, Carl Towns returns with his band, The Remnant. Bringing his influences from various musics into this new refreshing sound that he calls: “Postive Bluegrass”. Featuring original songs penned by Carl, this songs are both secular and spiritual all with a positive outlook.

“Basically; I have taken the lonesome out of that High Lonesome Sound. I like to call it the ‘High Sound’ because most of it is Gospel music, and what is not Gospel usually bases the lyric on something to do with God, love or simply happy themes. “, said Carl in a recent interview.

The first single; “If I climbed upon the cross”, was co-written by Blake Hill and is set to be distributed to radio stations upon release. A Digital version is available now upon request.

Visit Carl’s web site to learn more about him and this music: