Canaan’s Crossing working on next Song Garden project

Canaan’s Crossing – Jan. 22, 2008 – Arab Alabama, gospel bluegrass band is now in process of recording their second project for the Song Garden Music Group label. Their first two projects were independent with the first one being Dove nominated. They are recording at Sound Cell studio in Huntsville Alabama with engineer Doug Jansen Smith.

Sound Cell – Doug’s vocal production and engineering helped deliver Claire Lynch’s Bluegrass Grammy nominations. He has produced/engineered with a variety of other artists in studios throughout the country; Bonnie Raitt, Killer Mike, Willie Nelson, Lari White, Michael Hedges, Clifton Davis, Phil Collins, etc.. Doug has also produced music for several independent feature films, produced a series of audiobooks for Mercury Records, and has also been responsible for over 50 stand-up comedy records, including the first released work of Jeff Foxworthy.

Due to Junior Saint’s health related absence, Keith Cannon is filling his spot on the mandolin for this project.