California Report: Crying Uncle Bluegrass Band Live EP

The young members of Crying Uncle Bluegrass Band, or CUBG, like many musicians, have had to be creative in finding ways to stay connected to music this past year. As a follow-up to their 2020 album, Monroe Bridge, the band has dug more into composing and the result is the live recorded EP, Till I Dance Again with You. The band has also released a video of bassist Andrew Osborn’s The Man Next Door from the EP.

The Man Next Door was my first original song for the band,” says Andrew. “The melody came to me first, and words for the chorus followed soon after. I was inspired by a song that Miles sings, I’ll Remember You Love in my Prayers.”

The video  and EP were edited and mixed by Jeremy Allen of Musiquito Media, and mastered by Mike Bemesderfer of Digital Audio Solutions in Oakland. The EP is available on all major streaming platforms and for purchase on Bandcamp.

Crying Uncle Bluegrass Band is Andrew Osborn on bass, John Gooding on guitar, Miles Quale on fiddle, and Teo Quale on mandolin. This group of young bluegrass veterans comes from California, having grown up together in and around the California Bluegrass Association, and have been a visible part of the national bluegrass and fiddle contest scene for several years.

Here is a must-see video where Marty Stuart invites the band to play with him at the Strawberry Music Festival in 2019.

Artwork by Niera Thompson

Photos by Jeremy Allen

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