Cadillac Sky signs with Skaggs Family Records

cadillac sky

Skaggs Family Records has just announced they have signed the Ft. Worth-based bluegrass band Cadillac Sky. The band consists of Bryan Simpson (mandolin, fiddle, vocals), Matt Menefee (banjo), Mike Jump (guitar, vocals), Ross Holmes (fiddle, vocals), and Matt Blaize (upright bass, vocals).

In addition to their band website, they also have a myspace account.

The press release that Skaggs Family Records sent out included this comment from Ricky Skaggs:

“When I heard Cadillac Sky for the first time, I heard some of the freshest new bluegrass I had heard in a long time,” says Ricky Skaggs, president of the label. “They write all of their songs. Their vocals just killed me, and they have a new sound. I wanted them for Skaggs Family Records. Anytime you sign a brand new group, you’re taking a chance, but with a CD like this, I was willing to go for it. They’re great!”