Cadillac Sky and The Black Keys

Cadillac Sky performing at Bluegrass UndergroundWhen we last spoke with Cadillac Sky’s Bryan Simpson, he was excited about the release of the band’s new 4-song EP, Weary Angel.

At that time, he mentioned that C-Sky was intending to start work on a new full length recording soon, and that the EP was the result of a spontaneous decision to give in to a sudden creative urge on the band’s part.

Just yesterday, Bryan got some news that had the guys in a whirl. Their next project will be produced by a critically acclaimed artist from the world of blues and rock music.

“We just signed on with The Black Keys guitar front man Dan Auerbach to produce our new record in the fall. We’re all big fans of The Black Keys so we are super stoked about the opportunity.

It all happened rather quickly. David Mayfield was out playing bass on the road with his sister Jessica Lea Mayfield, opening up shows for The Black Keys, and passed on a copy of our Gravity’s Our Enemy CD to him. I guess he heard something that intrigued him because he mentioned, to our surprise, that he would be interested in working with us.

As Dan’s new solo record, Keep it Hid, will attest, he obviously has a history with roots music and its branches, and we were in love with the rawness of the past records he has produced, not to mention his solo and Black Keys stuff. So it seemed like a perfect fit.

We’re gonna try and capture the ferocity and energy of our live show on a full length record for maybe the first time. I think that on our new EP we just put out, The Weary Angel EP, as it has been dubbed, you can hear and feel that. I know that Dan’s goal in the studio is to capture a ‘magical’ performance, which doesn’t necessarily mean a ‘perfect’ one. So we will be doing almost everything live.

We’re going to be recording up at his place in Kent, OH starting September 1st using the same board that The Band recorded most of their amazing records on – so we’re hoping some of their ‘transcendent musical magic’ will still be left in the machine.

We hear Dan’s excited about it, we’re excited about it… It’s definitely got us inspired to write, arrange, and record the best record that we’ve ever made for sure. It will be different, but, having heard a bunch of songs that we will be recording, I know it’s going to be, by far, the deepest and most original thing we’ve ever recorded.”

Bryan said that they won’t worry much about working with a record company at this point, though that may come into the mix before this next project is ready for release.

“We are just going to make a record and then see what happens – we aren’t opposed to doing a label deal, but just want it to be the right label for us. Our plan is to make the best record we can and let God put us where He wants us. Outside of that, we’re not interested.”

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