Byrds Boxed Up

clarence white

BillBoard is reporting that legendary rock act the Byrds will be in the spotlight again with the release of a four-CD/one-DVD boxed set There Is a Season, on Sept. 26 via Columbia/Legacy. The project was personally overseen by group members Chris Hillman and Roger McGuinn. There are a total of 99 tracks on the 4 discs. The first 50 tracks feature the Byrds’ original lineup of Jim (later Roger) McGuinn, David Crosby, Gene Clark, Chris Hillman and Michael Clarke. The remainder of the tracks, including five previously unreleased live tracks, come from later versions of the band which feature bluegrass guitar legend Clarence White.

While this in no way qualifies as a bluegrass release, I felt it was bluegrass news due to the involvement of Clarence. The influence of his playing can still be felt today in such players as Tony Rice and David Grier. If you are a guitar player and you aren’t familiar with Clarence White, I suggest you do a little research.