Bryan Simpson welcomes new C-Sky guitarist

Cadillac Sky points out the new guy, David MayfieldBryan Simpson, lead vocalist, mandolinist and primary songwriter with Cadillac Sky, has checked in with a few words about the recent personnel change in the band.

As we reported last week, long-time guitarist Mike Jump has left with David Mayfield stepping in.

Yeah, a new guitarist is the order of the day. Before I introduce him, I would like to say a few words about ‘Big Daddy’ Mike Jump though….

I know all good things must come to an end. We’ve known this has been coming for a while. But even knowing that these things happen doesn’t make it any easier. Mike has been a big part of everything we’ve done from the start and we will miss him. We’ve made several records with him at the helm of the guitar including Blind Man Walking and our newest, Gravity’s Our Enemy which we are very proud of. He has given his heart and soul to this thing for four years and even as he exits, there is no doubt he will always be a part of C-Sky. But our musical visions for where Cadillac Sky was going had started to splinter and it was the best thing for both parties to head off into separate sunsets. I hope our fans will know that plenty of prayer went into this decision.

Now for a word or two about the new guy. David Mayfield is his name, although for the near future I’m sure he will remain ‘the new guy.’

Born in Ohio, David’s been on the road lately playing music with Andy Griggs, and with his (very talented) sister Jessica Mayfield touring with The Avett Brothers, and the rock act, The Black Keys. He grew up playing bluegrass and gospel music in his family band, One Way Rider – so he came by it honest. And we owe Tyler Grant a world of gratitude for tipping us off to David’s wide range of talents and helping us find the new piece to the puzzle.

But make no mistake, he is not here to quietly replace Mike Jump. Cadillac Sky would be doing a disservice to itself if we didn’t drain his talents dry. He is in this band to bring a new revolution to the next era of who Cadillac Sky is.

We played three shows this weekend with ‘Mayhem’ (a nickname we’ve taken under advisement), and in Chicago I announced that this was his second show for us. Some lady came over and asked what CD he was on of ours. When I reasserted that this was his second show – she said ‘I heard you say that but I didn’t believe it. He seems so inherent to what ya’ll do.’

So things are off to a roaring start. A wild start but still roaring. Cadillac Sky has been completely re-inspired by his entry and are so excited about what the future holds and so should ye olde fans of C-Skyness. But proof’s in the pudding (too southern?), so put it to the test, and come get a little on you at a live show near you.”

You can see the band’s performance schedule on their web site.

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