Bourgeois builds 4,000th guitar

I just got a note from my friends over at Pantheon Guitars that they have built their 4,000th guitar in the Bourgeois line. It is a very beautiful Brazilian and Adirondcack DS-260 with Style 42 Abalone top border. Dana Bourgeois sprays all the sunbursts himself and this guitar was no exception.

The brand was started in 1993 with serial #000001. Now, 13 years later, they have reached #004000. Bourgeois now builds around 400 guitars per year and each one of them looks and sounds great. Just catch a Ricky Skaggs show and see/hear them in action.

This milestone guitar has already been purchased by Jere Cherryholmes. If you want a milestone guitar like this I guess you’ll have to wait a couple years and try and grab #5000 when it’s made!